Black and White Tumblr Themes

- Rebecca


- 19

- Gemini 5.24

- Taken 1/2/13

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that i really think you are beautiful and i can't get enough at looking at your profile pic. I get excited when you come up on my dashboard :D

Aw stop it don’t gas me up! 😩 Made my day :). I’m loving your stunna shades😊

Anonymous said: I love your blog!!!! You must be really cool ☺

Lol nah i’m a lame😔, but thank you :)

Anonymous said: If i hit you up looking for advice of anon would you talk to me? :(

Yes of course! Don’t be afraid :)

Anonymous said: Got her saved on my phone under big booty!

Lol alright take it easy 2 chainz